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Austin Vaccaro is a highly sought-after real estate agent in Southern California. Though born in Southern Florida and raised in North Carolina, Austin found himself drawn to Los Angeles’ rich diversity 10 years ago and has lived here ever since. He particularly loves the vibrant mix of cultures and the world-class culinary scene the city offers. Austin’s love of real estate first started when he was working in restaurant management. When his family became restaurant owners, Austin assisted them in the day-to-day work, enjoying the business and customer service sides of the job. Both his aunt and uncle worked in ancillary careers as an acquisition developer and land broker, and from them, he began to understand the immense creative freedom within the real estate industry.

Once he understood how passionate he was about real estate, Austin jumped in headfirst, even turning down a great job offer in restaurant operations to pursue his dream. The risk has more than paid off. After making the leap, Austin took the classes he needed to transition to real estate and, after two years, received his broker’s license. Austin’s favorite part of the job is negotiating on behalf of his clients so that they receive the fairest deals. Trustworthy, hardworking, and honest, he has worked hard to cultivate his excellent reputation. At his last firm, his attention to detail, self-assured nature, and diligence helped him win the Rising Star Award, beating out 3,500 agents for the title.

Despite residing in California for a decade, the city still manages to surprise him in new and exciting ways. Sometimes he'll discover a new shop or find out about a new restaurant he's eager to try Los Angeles can feel like multiple cities all residing in one place, and that’s especially true of its architecture. Austin appreciates how history comes through in the buildings, with structures from the 1800s standing next to modern construction. Intel gained from his city exploration is gifted freely to his clients if they have questions or concerns. During his days off, Austin enjoys perusing local museums and enriching his real estate knowledge by studying different architectural styles. Cooking, watching movies, and playing music which he considers a form of meditation are some of his favorite hobbies.

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